This is going to be my last post for awhile. Tomorrow afternoon I leave from JFK Airport on a flight to Park City, UT for my second consecutive trip to the Sundance Film Festival. Last year’s journey was marked by a schedule filled with six-movie-days, which was tiring to say the least. Especially since I was also contracted to produce daily blog posts covering my experiences there. The less said about that project the better, though it is a fascinating, day-to-day study of one man’s descent into a madness bred from exhaustion. That said, if I can muster up the energy maybe I’ll pause mid-trip to update you all with a visual log or two of the goings-on there.

I don’t plan on getting much gaming done on the trip, since spare moments tend to be dominated by eating and sleeping. This trip will be good though. The past couple months have been pretty demoralizing. I lost my main freelance gig in November, kinda-but-not-really got it back in December and have been waiting to hear one way or another if I have any sort of future there since then. All while trolling help wanted sites, working contacts and generally just making a nuisance of myself to anyone in a position to give me work. Fun, fun.

Escaping from the daily grind of this ongoing job hunt will be a pretty big relief, though you can bet I’ll have my resume, cover letter templates and bookmarked job hunt sites along for the ride. Them’s just the basics though; a week away from constantly working contacts, worrying over when the right time to follow up is, etc. will hopefully do wonders for my mental well-being.

Before I go, I’ll post my screening schedule for your collective reading pleasure. Feel free to mock my taste in film, shower praise on any of the selections or just spout whatever the hell you feel like. All I ask is that you keep it civil.

Saturday 1/17:
Brooklyn’s Finest – 9:00am
William Kunstler documentary – 2:30pm
Cold Souls – 5:30pm
Paper Heart – 8:00pm
Slammin’ Salmon (plus a pre-screening interview w/ Broken Lizard!) – 10:30pm

Sunday 1/18:
Spread – 9:15am
Yes Men Fix the World – 2:30pm
World’s Greatest Dad – 5:30pm
I Love You Phillip Morris – 9:30pm
Black Dynamite – 11:30pm

Monday 1/19:
Endgame – 8:30am
Adam – 12:15pm
(empty slot – you can bet I’ll fill in SOMETHING here)
Adventureland – 6:15pm
The Messenger – 9:30pm
Good Hair – 12am

Tuesday 1/20:
(plenty of room for a morning fill)
Big Fan – 11:15am
Push – 3:15pm
The Missing Person – 6:30pm
The Killing Room – 12am

Wednesday 1/21:
Manure – 8:30am
Against the Current – 11:15am


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